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Getting Started

Advice or Strategy Session

If you are just looking for answers to a few questions related to being a landlord, selling your home without a real estate agent, your business or possible litigation, we offer both phone and office consultations.  Phone consultations are $49 for approximately 20 minutes and office consultations are $99 for one hour. You can schedule a consultation by calling our office at (913) 210-1847 or by clicking this link to schedule online.

Tenant Evictions

If you are looking to remove a tenant, guest, or business from a property for non-payment of rent or other lease violations, please click here  to submit the relevant information to the firm and schedule a time to speak with the attorney.

Please be advised that due to the ethical rules related to conflicts of interest, we do no represent residential tenants facing eviction actions.  We do represent commercial tenants on a limited basis.  Please contact our office for more information.


If you have been sued by someone or they are threatening suit and/or if you would like to sue someone else, please click here to schedule a phone or office consultation to discuss the situation and your legal options.

Contract Review and Drafting

If you have a contract or document you would like to have reviewed or if you have a contract that you would like drafted, please click here to submit you documents or document requests and to schedule a time to speak with the attorney.

Homeowner’s Associations

If you are a Homeowner’s Association needing assistance reviewing or drafting declarations, restrictions or bylaws or if you new help collecting unpaid assessments or enforcing restrictions within your community, please click here.

For Sale by Owner (FSBO)

If you are just beginning the process of looking for or selling your home without a real estate agent, click here to request a copy of our FSBO Resource Guide, which includes an outline of the FSBO Process, Sample Forms (Seller Disclosure, Lead Based Paint Disclosure, and Letter of Intent), and several articles from our website and other websites on issues related to a for sale by owner transaction.  This is a free resource and by providing your information now, we are able to move quickly when you are ready to have a contract drafted for your transaction.

If you have already identified a home or buyer and are ready to have a contract drafted, you can click here to send us the information we need to start drafting the contract.  If you have already pre-registered with our office by completing the form above, we can have the contract drafted within one business day.  If you have not pre-registered, our standard processing time is two-business days for a basic real estate contract.


If a business or person owes you money and you would like assistance collecting that money, please click here.

Vehicle Quiet Title

If you have a vehicle that you are trying to title but have been unable to as a result of a missing or altered title, issues with the VIN, or other issues that have caused the DMV to refuse to issue a new title, please click here to submit the relevant information to the firm and schedule a time to speak with the attorney  

Other/Not Listed

If your issue is not listed above, please click here to get started.  Please be advised that due to the ethical rules regarding conflicts of interest, we do not represent tenants in residential eviction actions and will represent tenants in commercial eviction actions only on a limited basis.

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