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Business-Collections-minFew things are more detrimental to the success of your business than not being paid for the goods you have provided or for the hard work you have done for your customers. Statistics show that the chance of collecting on a debt decreases over time and drops to less than 50 percent just after the third month of delinquency. Too many businesses waste valuable time chasing debtors on their own only to have the debtor file bankruptcy and/or hide their assets which gives the business a total loss of the debt owed. If some of your accounts are past due, it is important to obtain the help of an experienced collection attorney as soon as possible — since time is of the essence to recover the debt owed.

I represent business owners, landlords, and clients who need to recover money owed to them through the legal process. I understand how to provide cost-effective legal collection services and remain attentive, accountable and dedicated to getting results. Together, we will develop a comprehensive strategy to accomplish your objectives and take every opportunity to protect your rights and interests. Moreover, you can rest assured know I have extensive knowledge of the laws related to debt collection and have taught numerous classes on the subject.

At every stage of the process, I will take a straightforward approach, giving you an honest evaluation of your claim, potential pitfalls and reasonable expectations of the outcome. I understand that the two big questions are how much can you recover and how long will it take. We take a proactive approach with a sense of urgency and will work toward a favorable outcome with minimal time and expense. Moreover, all collection matters are taken on a contingency basis, meaning I am not paid unless I receive payment from your debtors.


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