What are the Court Costs and Other Fees Related to Filing an Eviction


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What are the Court Costs and Other Fees Related to Filing an Eviction

Kansas Court Filing Fees The fling fees for filing an eviction action in Kansas are based upon the amount of money that is also being claimed as part of the suit.  The below chart contains the fees for Johnson County, Kansas.  Fees for other counties are generally within a couple dollars of these prices. Amount […]

Kansas Eviction Process and Timeline

In Kansas, eviction proceedings are one of the few areas of law that has its own procedure and timelines that were set by the legislature and must be strictly adhered to by the courts and parties involved in the eviction. Pre-filing Notices Prior to filing an eviction action, notice must be provided to the tenant […]

How to find an attorney?

Rick recently shared some thoughts on how to find an attorney for a blog post published on fundera.com, titled “Need Legal Advice? 11 Experts Reveal How to Find the Right Small Business Lawyer”

Questions to ask when hiring an Attorney for your FSBO

Looking to hire an attorney to help with your FSBO transaction?  Check out this story on Owners.com with some thoughts on questions to ask prior to hiring an attorney. https://www.owners.com/advice/5-questions-to-ask-your-real-estate-attorney/

Why a Small Business Owner Should Hire a Solo Attorney

If you were to speak with solo attorneys, they all might give you a different reason to hire him or her to represent your business. Some of those reasons might include dedicated service, legal knowledge or experience, reasonable fees, etc. Although these are all good reasons to hire a solo attorney, none of them compare […]

What to Disclose in a Seller Disclosure

I recently discussed why I think sellers should disclose every possible defect in their seller disclosure.  For my thoughts and thoughts from some other real estate professionals, check out this story recently posted to realtor.com . . . Learn These Basic Rules of Seller Disclosure So You Don’t Get Sued  

Is Your Home a Former Meth Lab?

Was your house the scene of a gruesome crime or was the former owner Walter White from the TV show breaking bad?  In this article, some real estate professionals and I share our thoughts on when these issues need to be disclosed to a potential buyer . . . Bad Neighbors, and Other Nightmares You Might […]

How to Quiet Title on a Vehicle

On a fairly regular basis, I receive calls from individuals who are seeking information about filing a quiet title action for their vehicle.  This post will discuss when such quiet title actions are necessary, the process for filing them and provide a few references with more information regarding quiet title actions for vehicles. When is […]

Things to Consider When Making an Offer to Buy an FSBO Home

You often hear the phrase “everything’s negotiable” and that is especially true when buying or selling a residence. Although the majority of the conversation is devoted to the purchase price for the property, there are many other considerations that can help increase the value to either the buyer or seller without changing the purchase price. […]

Common Expenses When Selling a Home

When getting ready to sell your home, one of the most important considerations is much money you will receive from the sale.  Therefore, it is important to understand the common expenses you will likely encounter when selling your home.  This post will discuss some of those common expenses and help you to calculate the final […]